Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn

At the Water&Wine food concept, we collect not only crops from our vegetable garden. Apart from the planned and organised crops, we also have a wild garden, which provides us food throughout the year. The access to this place is on a strictly need-to-know basis. Only few chosen ones know where to go to find the wild crops. By the fast flowing stream, you can find a watercress and by the pond, you might come across a water mint. In the fine dining dictionary this process is called foraging.

One of the wild places is located in the dry and sunny area in our garden. It is there, in the dry places, hardly ever visited by the people, that the sea buckthorn grows. Now is the time to harvest the fruits from the prickly, yet healing bush. We will press the entire fruits. We will thus obtain juice and oil, which are a true vitamin bomb.

The cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil from fruits and seeds is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin C combines with fatty acids and thus penetrates into the oil, especially when it is made from the entire fruits. The oil has an exceptionally beneficial effect on skin and mucous membranes condition. It stimulates tissue regeneration, speeds healing of scars, ulcerations, erosions, burnings and chilblains. It stimulates production and release of bile. It slows down ageing of tissues and inhibits prostate growth. It has anti-inflammatory effect on skin, stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver and reproductive organs. It prevents non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver. It stabilises retina structure and eye’s choroid coat and stimulates production of immunoglobulins.

In the autumn-winter season it is recommend to feed your body with healthy produce full of anti-inflammatory vitamins every day.

Sea buckthorn juice and oil are a source of easily absorbable vitamins straight from the nature with almost no processing. We want to share with you the goodness of sea buckthorn.

Here is our recipe for a hot sea buckthorn infusion/drink:

Mix 50 ml sea buckthorn juice with few cloves and lemon grass in a mug or glass. Pour boiling water over the ingredients. Add honey to taste.

Which version do you prefer? Hot infusion or refreshing sea buckthorn drink with Perlage water?