Perlage Tasting Club

Perlage Tasting Club

On October 6 we took our guests on another journey through the flavours of Water & Wine. When showing our guests around, we like to start from the beginning, so the first stop is about the water. The visit to the plant and bottling lines of Cisowianka and Cisowianka Perlage always spark emotions since such places are usually inaccessible for people from the outside. Water is not only the source of life, but also the carrier of flavour and a very important culinary element, therefore a short visit to the plant is each time a precious lesson for our guests.

We moved smoothly from water to wine. Piotr Kamecki together with Isabelle Ogier prepared wine tasting with wines from the French winery Domaine de Nalys Chateauneuf du Pape. We tasted white wines Cuvée classique 2015 and Eicelènci 2015 and red wines Cuvée classique 2013, Réserve 2013, and Châtaignier 2013 in magnums. Each bottle unveiled to our guests the history of the winery, complemented with the stories by Mrs. Ogier.

The last part of our journey together was at the common table. Our guests were eating the dishes that best reflect the idea and the character of Water & Wine. Traditionally, we started with four amuse bouche. We prepared among others: pork collar with pickled white asparagus and potato donuts with juniper. It was accompanied by our home-baked bread, served with cow’s milk beaten butter and pork lard from a local pork breed from Puławy. The first wine, served with the lunch, was Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut. The next dishes to come were marinated trout and white radish terrine, dumplings with black trumpets and sturgeon caviar, boletus five ways, lamb tongue with pickled kohlrabi, flaxseed oil, and fresh herbs.

The food was prepared in front of our guests and each meal was accompanied by a story about the ingredients, many of which come from our field and breedings. Mr. Leszek, our beekeeper, provided honeycombs to one of the desserts. The windows of our terrace overlook the greenhouse, where we grew our herbs, the forest, where we picked the mushrooms and the field, where we harvested the vegetables that we used to prepare the stock. Each dish was served with a different wine. We opened the bottles of Lira Korbowa from Sztukówka winery, Acustic MAGNUM 2013 Montsant, Alois Lageder Pinot Noir 2015 Alto Adige, Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Pinot Noir 2014 Casablanca Valle and Domaine de Nalys 2013 Chateauneuf du Pape. Finally, the time for sweets has come. We started with a honeycomb from our apiary with lemon and flower pollen. The dessert menu also included cheddar from Mleczna Droga farm with burnt apple puree and bay leaf ice-cream with apple vinegar granite and our pralines

Each meeting as part of Perlage Tasting Club is a precious exchange of experiences for both sides. Our guests are not only gourmets, but most of all notable experts on the world culinary scene. We dissect trends, dishes, and flavours. Each time we host people from different culinary environments, but the main conclusion remains the same: a good cuisine doesn’t exist without best quality products. And yet again the feedback we received is that we follow the best possible path in this domain.

Photos: Piotr Dębski