Perlage Tasting Club

Perlage Tasting Club

On June 21, Wednesday, we organised a special session of Perlage Tasting Club for our suppliers – all the local, often family-run companies, who co-operate with our restaurant on a daily basis and deliver the highest quality products to Water&Wine. We often mention their work, as we know that it is their effort, engagement and devotion that allow us to reach and maintain the highest quality at Water&Wine. Our co-operation frequently goes beyond sheer supply – when we pay a visit to their farms to make special orders we observe them at work and look for inspiration.

This time we invited them to take a sit at a common table with us and taste the food they provide to the restaurant. All the dishes were served on unique plates and bowls from Sensual Ceramics Studio and Ani Ani studio. We started with pickles, silages, cured meats and goat cottage cheese from the Żeby Kózka farm. We were eating it without fork and knife, just dipping entire radishes with roots and leaves, which we picked in the morning in our garden. The second amuse bouche was cold apple broth with celery and drops of aromatic mint oil, that each guest had served straight from kettle into mugs. Aleksandra Lipnicka from Lipnicki Orchard, our apples supplier, especially loved this one. The third amuse bouche were two crispy cakes with sorrel puree, sturgeon caviar and field herbs. The interlude before the core starters was an excellent home-baked leaven bread and onion breads with goats’ butter, lard with flax seeds and bread kvass served from a siphon bottle. And all that was accompanied by the wonderful virgin flaxseed oil, pressed just one day earlier at Skarby Natury – the oil-pressing company of Mr. and Mrs. Pecio.

Next came marinated trout and cucumber terrine with mizeria salad sauce, dill oil, cucumber flowers and elder flowers. It was summer embodied on a plate! The trout came from Pstrąg Pustelnia trout breeders, a company of Anna and Sebastian Pyć. The next dish was Portobello mushrooms 3 ways – puree, powder and foam served with mushroom oil. Unfortunately, Tomek Grela, who supplies us with ecological portobellos, could not make it this time. Luckily, Grażyna and Ryszard Kraciuk were with us and were able to appreciate the delicate raw slices of fallow deer from their farm, served with wild garlic mayonnaise, pickled pine and wood sorrel. Ania Łuczywek from Droga Mleczna, our supplier of yoghurts and cheese, was also with us. Cow’s milk cottage cheese went perfectly with dumplings made with local flour and pork scratching from Puławy pork.

As usual, the inestimable Piotr Kamecki, who prepared and commented on the tasting, paired water and wine with the dinner. We are also proud that Pa and Lotta Jorgensen from Fool, one of the most important world culinary magazines, participated in the dinner. They came to Poland at the invitation of EatPoland foundation. We also had a pleasure to walk them through our garden and field, and to give a short interview. Our guests were delighted with the flavours of the Polish cuisine and said our restaurant equals quality of other finest world restaurants.