Gryczok godziszowski

Gryczok godziszowski

Lubelskie region has been renowned for ages for growing buckwheat, also called tartary in the past. The tradition of buckwheat cultivation is as old as the hills. This plant has excellent health benefits and it is used to make kasha, flour or cattle fodder.

In the Godziszów borough there are 17 kasha plants where, with appropiate temperature and steam under pressure, a beautifully-coloured kasha with slightly sweet flavour and characteristic nutty aroma is made.

One of our favourite regional dishes based on buckwheat kasha (Pol. kasza gryczana) is “gryczok godziszowski”. This golden-brown baked dish is made with buckwheat kasha, milk, butter, cottage cheese, eggs and flour. To prepare it, you put crepes dough at the bottom of a rectangular tray, then add the consistent mass with visible cottage chese chunks and sprinkle the top with a layer of crumbs. Traditionally, gryczok would be baked in a bread furnace.

Our interpretation of this traditional dish is buckwheat ice cream with popcorn from kasha and buckwheat crumbs, soft creamy cheese and and baked sheepskin milk, which is super crunchy and totally unlike the unpleasant overboiled milk memories from the childhood.