Food Bloggers Cook for the Valentine’s Day

Food Bloggers Cook for the Valentine’s Day

On February 8, we hosted a group of our blogger friends at Water&Wine. The meeting was inspired by the Saint Valentine’s Day and each of the invited bloggers had to come up with an idea of one dish she would serve during a Valentine’s dinner. Water&Wine chefs helped to polish up the recipes, and then we tested them in the kitchen. Our special guest Radek Zarębinski, the sous chef at Gaggan restaurant in Thailand, also supported the bloggers. Maia Sobczak from Qmam Kaszę, known as vegan food specialist, prepared together with Marek Flisińskim kohlrabi tagliatelle served with kale pesto. Instead of parmesan, she used active yeast flakes. To enhance the flavour of tagliatelle and make it softer, she was blanching it in almond milk. Kasia Marcinkiewicz from Chilibite together with Kamil Raczyński made a roasted chicken in hollandaise sauce. The crispy chicken skin was in perfect contrast with the exquisite caviar from Antonius Caviar. Agata Anioł and Sylwia Majcher from Kuchnia w Formie came to W&W with an idea to prepare tongues.

– Offal is, on one hand, an aphrodisiac an on the other, some people have trouble accepting it. It’s an example of a tough love but we decided to face this culinary challenge – they explained.

In co-operation with the restaurant team, they prepared a slow-cooked lamb tongue with truffles, pears, red sorrel leaves and pickled celery, which added a little bit of freshness to the dish.

Magda Gendźwiłł from Crust&Dust came up with an idea for the dessert. Her cherry on top was actually an apple tart in the shape of a half of rose baked with Michał Krzysiak. It was served with rose ice cream, miso with salted caramel and spices. Magda confessed that salted caramel, liquorice, and steaks are all on her worst flavours list. Valentine’s Day though is a festival of love and this is why she decided to give this relationship a chance and break the spell.

The W&W team surprised the guest with one more dessert – freshly fried doughnuts with chocolate and boletus – prepared specially on the occasion of the cooking day which fell on the Fat Thursday. We discussed at the table for a long time, talking about favourite flavours and recipe inspirations drawn from products and personal histories. We came to one conclusion – food prepared with love tastes always better, not only on the Valentine’s Day.


fot. Maciej Stankiewicz