The concept

We were inspired by the idea to bring together the highest quality water, well selected wines and excellent food. At Water&Wine you can learn many interesting facts about the water properties, water paring, that is proper pairing of water with wine and food, and about hydrosommeliering.

It is here that the innovative approach to cooking meets with the respect towards the region, the tradition, but most of all – towards the nature. The Water&Wine team uses local products and relies on established relations with the local suppliers. Near the restaurant we set up a garden, an apiary, we grow grape vine and we introduce fish into the pond. We want to know the provenance of each ingredient that is used in our kitchen.
We serve our dishes on authorial ceramics, in a modern, yet cosy space. Through the windows of the spacious restaurant room unfolds an impressive landscape of the nearby fields. Every morning the cooks pick herbs, fruits and vegetables from the nearby patches.

Water&Wine, just like Cisowianka Perlage, follows its own path. We create a unique quality and we are certain that it will be appreciated.