Sea Buckthorn

At the Water&Wine food concept, we collect not only crops from our vegetable garden. Apart from the planned and organised crops, we also have a wild garden, which provides us food throughout the year. The access to this place is on a strictly need-to-know basis. Only few chosen ones know where to go to find the wild … Continue reading "Sea Buckthorn"


Meet our gardener Klaudia. She’s been taking care of the Water&Wine crops for several months now. She hails from the region of Kaszuby, she is a qualified engineer with an artistic soul. Her adventure in agriculture started one day when an elderly man asked her to help him in his small home garden. At that … Continue reading "Klaudia"


On May 18 another EatPoland event was held at LAND Seafood restaurant in Tokyo. At the invitation of ポーランド広報文化センター the Polish Institute in Tokyo, Monika Brzywczy (Editor in Chief of the USTA Magazine), gave a lecture on the Polish fish, the history of eating and fishing and the types of fish dishes prepared at homes … Continue reading "EatPoland"

Bloggers at the Chef’s Table

On May 29 our restaurant hosted a group of our blogger friends – Magda Gendźwiłł from Crust and Dust, Magda Klimczak from Dare to Cook, Katarzyna M. Marciniewicz from Chilli Bite, Maia Sobczak from Qmam Kasze, and Sylwia Sobczak and Agata Anioł from Kuchnia w Formie. We started with a nice aperitif – we invited … Continue reading "Bloggers at the Chef’s Table"

Of wines

Founded in 2013, the Water&Wine vineyards boast several grape varieties that have been carefully selected by our winemakers and planted on the gently rolling hills surrounding our restaurant. The area’s numerous loess gorges, flowing rivers (the Bystra and Bochotniczanka), as well as its rich underground mineral waters all contribute to the unique local micro-climate. Nałęczów … Continue reading "Of wines"

Polish Gastronomy Academy Gala

The Gala of AIG PRIX and ARS COQUINARIA awards was held on March 16 at the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw. It was a very special evening for us because our main chef Marek Flisiński received the Chef of the Future award. With this award, he entered the noble community of chefs whose work quality stands … Continue reading "Polish Gastronomy Academy Gala"

Vegetable Salad with Pickled Eggs and Warm Horseradish Mayonnaise

 Ingredients: • 4 free range eggs • 500 ml fruits of the forest infusion (raspberry, blackberry, blueberry) or any other tea • 10 g salt Parsnip and apple puree: • 200 g parsnip roots, peeled and cut into slices • 200 g apples, peeled and cut into dice • 50 g butter • salt and … Continue reading "Vegetable Salad with Pickled Eggs and Warm Horseradish Mayonnaise"

Gryczok godziszowski

Lubelskie region has been renowned for ages for growing buckwheat, also called tartary in the past. The tradition of buckwheat cultivation is as old as the hills. This plant has excellent health benefits and it is used to make kasha, flour or cattle fodder. In the Godziszów borough there are 17 kasha plants where, with … Continue reading "Gryczok godziszowski"

Food Bloggers Cook for the Valentine’s Day

On February 8, we hosted a group of our blogger friends at Water&Wine. The meeting was inspired by the Saint Valentine’s Day and each of the invited bloggers had to come up with an idea of one dish she would serve during a Valentine’s dinner. Water&Wine chefs helped to polish up the recipes, and then … Continue reading "Food Bloggers Cook for the Valentine’s Day"

Meeting with Radek Zarębiński

In February, at Water&Wine we had a visit of Radek Zarębiński, sous chef at Gaggan, the best restaurant in Asia according to the 50 Best ranking. Radek was raised in Bielsko Biała, then for over ten years, he’s been living in the United States. He studied cooking at Alma in Parma and then polished his … Continue reading "Meeting with Radek Zarębiński"

Sauerkraut soup

Kapuśniak (Sauerkraut soup) is a warming, stodgy soup, perfect for freezing, winter days. It takes its special aroma from sauerkraut but it can also be made of young, sweet cabbage. This dish is popular and well known both around Poland and abroad. It goes under different names, depending on the region: kwaśnica – in the … Continue reading "Sauerkraut soup"

Serving cart project

We love meeting people, who inspire us with their passion. This time we met with students from furniture design group, from Józef Chełmoński artistic high school in Nałęczów. We’ve been co-operating with this high school for years. When they came up with an idea for a restaurant project for Water&Wine, we agreed without hesitation. We … Continue reading "Serving cart project"

Lublin Vorschmack

We try to take the best from our regional culinary tradition. This time we prepared our interpretation of a hearty goulash with slightly vinous and sour-hot flavour with cucumber pickles and tomato concentrate, usually served with bread. The main ingredient of Forszmak (or Vorschmack) is usually pork. Our version of Vorschmack is made of caramelised … Continue reading "Lublin Vorschmack"

Milky Way

Every week we are meeting with Ania and Rafał, the owners of Mleczna Droga (Milky Way). Each of us has his favourite among their products. Kamil’s number one is a mature cheddar cheese, but actually, he likes it most at the early stage of maturing. Michał cannot imagine his desserts without the wonderful, fat milk … Continue reading "Milky Way"

Visit at Antonius Caviar

In late September we had a pleasure to visit Antonius Caviar – an exclusive caviar producer whose caviar we are using on a daily basis in our restaurant. We arrived in Ruś near Olsztyn at the special invitation of the company. Together with other chefs and journalists, we took part in a tour of the … Continue reading "Visit at Antonius Caviar"

Żur żukowski

We are constantly inspired by the culinary tradition of the Lublin region. In the winter, we like to warm ourselves with savoury soups, and that is why we have decided to prepare our interpretation of żur żukowski (sour rye soup) hailing from Krzczonów. In 2015, the soup entered the Traditional Products List. The history of … Continue reading "Żur żukowski"

Perlage Tasting Club

On October 6 we took our guests on another journey through the flavours of Water & Wine. When showing our guests around, we like to start from the beginning, so the first stop is about the water. The visit to the plant and bottling lines of Cisowianka and Cisowianka Perlage always spark emotions since such … Continue reading "Perlage Tasting Club"

Treasures of nature

Bread is the inherent part of our menu. It is one of the first things our guests try during our dinners. They often take it home, so we make sure that its flavour lingers on in their memory. This is why for over four years we’ve been working with Jola Pecio, who supplies is with … Continue reading "Treasures of nature"

Perlage Tasting Club

On June 21, Wednesday, we organised a special session of Perlage Tasting Club for our suppliers – all the local, often family-run companies, who co-operate with our restaurant on a daily basis and deliver the highest quality products to Water&Wine. We often mention their work, as we know that it is their effort, engagement and … Continue reading "Perlage Tasting Club"

Polish Gastronomy Academy

On Friday May 26 we hosted in our restaurant the members of the Polish Gastronomy Academy, headed by its president Maciej Dobrzyniecki. The meeting obviously was all about the food and there were dishes from a menu prepared specially for that occasion. We served our guests among others: raw Black Angus entrecote beef slices with … Continue reading "Polish Gastronomy Academy"

The Gardener

Wojtek Żurek started his adventure with Water&Wine restaurant almost 4 years ago. It was a work at the grass roots – together with our chef Marek they designed a precise plan from the scratch. They wanted to create a high quality place which would be both natural and diverse. They drew a draft of the … Continue reading "The Gardener"

The beekeeper

When we want to add a sweet twist to our dishes we use honey from our pantry. We can choose from acacia, polyfloral, linden and dandelion honeys. They are all produced under the watchful eye of Leszek Wójcik, the beekeeper who takes care of the Water&Wine beehives. His beekeeping adventure started several years ago when … Continue reading "The beekeeper"

Trout hermitage

Whenever we are working on a new fish dish for our menu, we pay a visit to Pstrąg Pustelnia (Eng. Trout Hermitage), the fish farm of Anna and Sebastian Pyć. It is not only a place where we shop for the fish, but also a place, where we learn about fish, and about the influence … Continue reading "Trout hermitage"

Our garden

Last week, under the first rays of spring sun, we started working in our garden. The idea to set up our own garden was born three years ago. Fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits are fundamental to our work, this is why we prefer to grow them ourselves. Our own garden guarantees that our kitchen gets … Continue reading "Our garden"

Happy Easter!

Today we want to share with you a recipe for one of our favourite Easter dishes. It is both easy and effective and it is sure to make your Easter feasting even better. Enjoy your meal and happy Easter!

Perlage Tasting Club session in March

On Wednesday, March 29th, during another Perlage Tasting Club session, we hosted a special guest: NicolasChemineau from Dourthe Vineyards in Bordeaux. The menu and the tasting created by our team were dedicated to the wines from this region. The purpose of this meeting was to present the wine making process of the elegant, aged wines … Continue reading "Perlage Tasting Club session in March"

Trip to Biłgoraj

Encouraged by the lovely sun, we set on a short trip to Biłgoraj. We were looking for birch bowls to serve our birch dessert during the forthcoming dinner on April the 8th. We enjoy working with small, independent manufacturers who care for quality and uniqueness of their produce as much as we do. So we … Continue reading "Trip to Biłgoraj"

Visit in Dąbrówka

Today we paid a visit to one of our suppliers Tomek Grela. It was quiet and calm, and the air was fresh as his farm is located just next to Kozłówka Landscape Park. The farm offers highest quality produce. I just love such places! We’ve been searching for the mushrooms which we will later introduce … Continue reading "Visit in Dąbrówka"

Perlage Tasting Club

During the regular meetings of the Perlage Tasting Club our guests have an opportunity to taste wines from the finest wineries of the world. They also have a chance to learn how to pair them with food and water. This time we discovered how important is the glass from which we are tasting the wine. … Continue reading "Perlage Tasting Club"